Restoring One’s Toughness

June 23, 2009

Apparently, the best place to hide from lightning is behind a chair.
And the best way to then restore one’s appearance of toughness is by barking at a trailing motorcyclist from the closed back window of a moving vehicle

Down Goes the Chimney

May 25, 2009

We decided to put our cabin on a heat pump and get rid of the inefficient baseboards and the fire hazard oil stove. Christopher helped me get the oil tank down and oil stove out last weekend. This weekend Susan and I were alone to take down the chimney. That job turned out to be a sooty mess and physically demanding. But, I think Susan had the tougher job – cleaning up the soot that managed to get on everything, while I was demolishing. In this first picture I am contemplating the start of the job, which occurred on the roof.

Start of the chimey demolition

 This is where the job wound up at floor level. At this point I had one more chimey block to remove along with a huge pile of soot.
A sooty mess
A couple of old posted signs worked nicely for scooping the soot.

A sooty mess

Susan’s cousin David helped me load the oil heater and oil tank into the truck for delivery to the landfill dumping station.
 Truck loading
The gentleman working the dump station decided he could use the oil tank at his farm to hold diesel fuel for his tractor. Susan was sitting in the truck and took his picture in the rearview mirror while he was directing me where to dump the tank.

Oil tank delivery


Tractor Driving Wife

May 25, 2009
I discovered that Susan could manage the lawn tractor at the cabin. I took this picture while she was mowing and I was nursing a Yuengling while relaxing in a lawn chair. The Good Wife (er, Life)!

Tractor Driving Woman

Let Me Out of Here

May 13, 2009
We were outside doing yard work and Etcetera decided that watching from behind the screen door was not good enough. I could hear her meowing from the other side of the house. Poor Kitty!!

Cat behind screen door


April 14, 2009
The small creek flowing behind our cabin has a really neat waterfall, albeit small. We enjoy it and its soothing sound. I experimented a little with the camera this past weekend and produced the moderately successful picture shown below. I think this might be a popular photo subject for many cabin visits.

Our backyard waterfall

Vandy the Wonderdog Meets a Hollow Tree

April 13, 2009
Vandy and I went for a walk last evening. The walk route is lined with a series of old, knarly trees that tend to be hollow. She found one hollow tree that was quite interesting and she dove in

Next she was barking up the inside of the tree

and then decided to look out the ‘back door’ to see what might be outside of the tree.


April 7, 2009
To Hell with the snow! The Hellebores are blooming. In witchcraft legend it is believed that Hellebores have ties to summoning demons. Great! After the last eight years of demons in the White House we do not need to be summoning more. Oh well, the flowers are a joy to look at – even in today’s snow.


Smorgasbord Will be Served Soon

April 5, 2009
It is getting kind of ridiculous. The deer visiting us have invited some more family and friends. Now we have six of the critters visiting us every evening. Pickings are a bit limited right now. But, they need not worry as our flowers and vegetables will be ready for their dining pleasure soon. Damned deer! 

Six White-Tailed Deer

Caging the Apple Trees

March 22, 2009
Christopher bought and planted a couple of apple trees that we decided needed caging. The cages were not meant to keep the trees from running away, but to keep the deer away. The first cages were simple chicken wire that constricted the tree branches. Those are now replaced with these roomier cages that we obtained from a family member. Hopefully, there are some apples in our near future.

caging the apple trees

Red Heads

March 22, 2009
Some of our favorite redheads have been visiting lately. True to stereotype, they tend to be a bit feisty. The first, a red-headed woodepecker, visits our suet feeder and then heads to the birdbath for liquid refreshment. The other, a pileated woodpecker, has been busy tearing up our apple tree, and as shown in this picture, the sassafras trees behind the shop. We are always happy for visits from these redheads.

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker