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Jewelry Armoire

February 7, 2012

My daughter Treah always wanted one of the armoires built by her grandfather, but she was not lucky enough to get one. I decided to make one for her last birthday. After searching several sources I settled on a design published in issue 106 of Woodsmith magazine. The project turned out to be quite challenging, but a lot of fun. I decided that if I was making one I might as well make three. two of them are now in the final stages of completion. Treah received hers for her birthday in June. The armoires are constructed of cherry and cherry plywood. The first step was to cut and glue up the pieces for the case. The case includes slots for nine drawer runners.

The case was then glued up.

The top and bottom were then added. Creating the rounded lines of the top and bottom were fun and eventful.

The armoire contains nine drawers. That meant that 27 drawers were made for the three armoires. I had quite a production assembly going. Spacers had to be added above and below the drawers. I also made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics where I bought tan-colored felt for the drawer bottoms.

Next was construction of the doors. Getting the doors glued up square took a bunch of clamps and squares.

The doors were added with much adjustment to get the gaps and lines right.

The Queen Anne legs needed mortises cut. Two mortises per leg by 12 legs equals 24 mortises cut. That required several Yeunglings to complete.

The bases were then constructed and hardboard templates were used to draw the curves on the spanners.

The case was attached to the base and doors removed for finishing with five coats of tung oil.

Treah (and Vandy) were quite happy with the result.

Now the challenge is for Treah’s Aunt Rosemary to make her enough jewelry to fill the sucker.


Uh Oh! The Pope has Pissed Off My Favorite Evolutionist (after Darwin)

September 21, 2010

Cognito Ergo Sum

February 6, 2009

A new sign Susan felt I needed for my office. I agree.



I Can Fly!?

January 22, 2009
Coach Huggins spends a lot of time in this pose during West Virginia University basketball games. I can’t tell, but is he trying to fly (flap faster coach)? Or, is he saying “What are you doing? Trying to kill me?” Maybe he is seeking help from a higher source. Whatever he is doing or saying works – his win/loss record speaks for itself.

Getting Giddy

January 20, 2009
The Backwards Bush countown timer on my desktop shows why I am getting so giddy and having trouble getting to sleep tonight.

Life in the Slow Lane and Through a Dirty Windshield

January 16, 2009
A coworker and I were headed to WV cave country for some water quality monitoring when we came across a familiar scene – a truck wreck on Sandstone Mountain. However, the wrecks usually involve a truck that got rolling too fast on the long five mile downgrade. This truck caught on fire while headed up the mountain. I suspect the brakes overheated while coming down the long downgrade on the other side of the valley. As luck would have it, temperatures were cold and our windshield washer fluid was frozen. Thus, the dirty windshield.
Sucks to be that truck driver!

Spit on the floor please

January 2, 2009

At least there was no sign saying we can’t.


November 5, 2008
We Won!!!

Old Monarchs

October 27, 2008
Susan and I were recently blessed with the oportunity to buy a piece of her maternal ancestral farm in the Mountains of West Virginia. She had often told me about seeing the old sugar camp that her mother’s family had worked for so many years. The sugar camp had disappeared by the time I came on the scene 30 years ago. While walking with Vandy on the old farm road I was awed by the old manarchs – I always am. The old monarchs of the forest are the ancient sugar maples that served the family well for so many years. They are large and gnarled. They look tired, but stately. I bet the maple syrup from these trees was lip-smacking delicious and served the large family well.


October 27, 2008
We gnomes stick together. When I saw this picture Treah took of me before we took a short, but steep, hike at the cabin I immediately thought of my buddy – the gnome on our front porch. I think all agree there is a striking resemblance – what gnomess could resist us!!? Susan took the photo of the gnome in October 2006.