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Down Goes the Chimney

May 25, 2009

We decided to put our cabin on a heat pump and get rid of the inefficient baseboards and the fire hazard oil stove. Christopher helped me get the oil tank down and oil stove out last weekend. This weekend Susan and I were alone to take down the chimney. That job turned out to be a sooty mess and physically demanding. But, I think Susan had the tougher job – cleaning up the soot that managed to get on everything, while I was demolishing. In this first picture I am contemplating the start of the job, which occurred on the roof.

Start of the chimey demolition

 This is where the job wound up at floor level. At this point I had one more chimey block to remove along with a huge pile of soot.
A sooty mess
A couple of old posted signs worked nicely for scooping the soot.

A sooty mess

Susan’s cousin David helped me load the oil heater and oil tank into the truck for delivery to the landfill dumping station.
 Truck loading
The gentleman working the dump station decided he could use the oil tank at his farm to hold diesel fuel for his tractor. Susan was sitting in the truck and took his picture in the rearview mirror while he was directing me where to dump the tank.

Oil tank delivery



April 14, 2009
The small creek flowing behind our cabin has a really neat waterfall, albeit small. We enjoy it and its soothing sound. I experimented a little with the camera this past weekend and produced the moderately successful picture shown below. I think this might be a popular photo subject for many cabin visits.

Our backyard waterfall

Taking Shape

January 1, 2009
Taking Shape
It has been a slow process, but my shop is slowly taking shape. Pegboard is installed down the length of both side walls and the front end is finished except for another set of shelves over the desk. The desk belonged to my father-in-law, as did the file cabinets. Still need to finish insulating the roof and put sheeting and shelves on the back end wall. Once that is complete I can get more ‘stuff’ put away and maximize my working space. I was also pleased that the 1948 Esquire pinup calendar days match the new year – 2009!

Hot Seat – Sit Here

November 23, 2008
Feel like you are on a hot seat right now? Sit on one of these. Winter arrived a bit earlier than usual this year.

Safe Haven

November 11, 2008
After we returned home from the cabin today I headed outside to feed the birds. An old apple tree serves as the hanging post for our suet and corn cob feeders. When replenishing the suet I found these small mushrooms of about one-inch diameter each tucked away in a decayed crevace in the tree. They seemed to be safely hiding from everything but my camera.

Dadgummit Susan, I Told You the Lower 40 Does Not Need Mowing

April 26, 2008
Mowing the lower 40
I have a tendency to wait too long to do the first mowing of the season. Fortunately the Toro zero-turn radius mower made quick work of it. Now I just need to keep up.

The Secret to Folding Sheets . . . . .

April 13, 2008

Cat help folding sheets

Is a cat!


January 26, 2008
Just finished the oak bookcase shown. The plans were adapted from Woodsmith Magazine. Living in such a small house, this case is located next to the kitchen and it houses some wine plus an assortment of cookbooks. Next project – a table for the lcd tv that is in our near future.

A New Clothesline

June 29, 2007

It has been several years since we had a clothesline, but lately we have found ourselves wishing we had one. I made the trellis pictured – found the plans online for an Oriental arbor. I just built one end of the arbor and strung the clothesline to the carport. It should look a lot different next year when the clamatis we ordered for fall delivery is in full bloom.

Sometimes ‘not mowing’ has its merits

June 24, 2007

Our next door neighbor is an elderly lady who depends on her son to mow her three acres. This year, for some reason, he decided to skip the part of her yard we call the field. It has turned into a meadow and is very pleasing to look at. The gate in the foreground is the fence opening from our property to ‘the meadow.’