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September 25, 2009

It is a lazy, rainy day at the cabin. A barred owl visited around noon. It sat in the shagbark hickory next to Backyard Run and overlooking the bird feeder. We are wondering if it is the reason we have been observing fewer birds and squirrels at the feeder lately. The owl left before we could get a picture. Luckily, it returned to the hemlock overlooking the pool in Backyard Run (the creek behind our cabin has no names associated with it on any of the maps we have seen so I named it Backyard Run). I managed a few pictures from the back door with the camera lens fully extended. After a few minutes and pictures, it flew down into Backyard Run where we could not see it. Following a 10 to 20 second wait the owl came out of the creek with some critter hanging from its talons and it flew off into the forest. The picture of it and its catch did not focus.BarredOwl1


Don’t Worry – Just an Orb Weaver

September 22, 2009
I found this Mottled Orb Weaver (Araneus marmoreus) in the shed eaves at the cabin. Not knowing what kind of spider it was, I bravely approached with camera in hand. I had little worry since my U. S. Government Health Care Plan provides me with top-notch medical care (the same one enjoyed by conservative congressmen and Senators while denying the same to those without – seriously!). I have since found out that it’s venom is of little concern to humans.
I think all would agree it is a colorful, cute creature. It eats bugs too!