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Caging the Apple Trees

March 22, 2009
Christopher bought and planted a couple of apple trees that we decided needed caging. The cages were not meant to keep the trees from running away, but to keep the deer away. The first cages were simple chicken wire that constricted the tree branches. Those are now replaced with these roomier cages that we obtained from a family member. Hopefully, there are some apples in our near future.

caging the apple trees


Red Heads

March 22, 2009
Some of our favorite redheads have been visiting lately. True to stereotype, they tend to be a bit feisty. The first, a red-headed woodepecker, visits our suet feeder and then heads to the birdbath for liquid refreshment. The other, a pileated woodpecker, has been busy tearing up our apple tree, and as shown in this picture, the sassafras trees behind the shop. We are always happy for visits from these redheads.

Red-Headed Woodpecker

Pileated Woodpecker

TV Stand

March 14, 2009

The plan for this TV stand appeared in Woodsmith and it proved to be a somewhat challenging project. I made a few changes like using red oak (instead of ash) along with black walnut. The entire piece was finished with five coats of tung oil. I also dovetailed the drawer. We love the stand in our home and I managed to complete it and purchase the new tv just in time for March Madness!