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Orange Polenta Cake

February 22, 2009
It is a snowy day today so I decided to make the Orange Polenta Cake Gourmet Magazine featured recently. I first had to order some orange blossom water because it turns out it cannot be found in southern West Virginia. The cake turned out well, and tastes good too!


That’s Using the Old Noggin

February 7, 2009
I was out measuring streamflow today in Greenbrier County with a coworker and a WVU geology graduate student when we ran into a need for something to hold our measuring tape in place out of the stream. A deer skull lying on the stream bank proved to be just the thing.



Cognito Ergo Sum

February 6, 2009

A new sign Susan felt I needed for my office. I agree.



Dovetail Success

February 1, 2009
Susan made a brilliant maneuver at Christmas and bought me a Rockler dovetail jig. My first try is shown here with a couple of scrap pieces of wood. I was so happy with  the result that I went back out to the shop and cut the dovetails on the tv stand drawer pieces. It went without a hitch and squares up nicely.