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Sunflower Seed Feast

January 27, 2009
Sunflower seeds were the food of choice on this sunny winter day. Susan took several pictures of a variety of birds feasting on the sunflower seeds. Two of my favorites are of the chicadee and another of a white-breasted nuthatch. The tufted titmouses are timid and she caught one ‘tit in flight from the feeder.


Is It for the TV or for the Building?

January 27, 2009
I am almost done with the new tv table. Built out of black walnut and red oak, this piece has been quite a challenge – especially the doors. I still have to make the drawer that will go in the large opening at the bottom of the table center. That will get me going on some dovetailing. Once the drawer is done and the left door is trimmed and adjusted a little I just need to finish it and buy the flat panel tv to adorn it.
It is also nice to finally have enough room in my shop to actually work on this thing. The shop rebuild has been slow, but taking shape nicely.

I Can Fly!?

January 22, 2009
Coach Huggins spends a lot of time in this pose during West Virginia University basketball games. I can’t tell, but is he trying to fly (flap faster coach)? Or, is he saying “What are you doing? Trying to kill me?” Maybe he is seeking help from a higher source. Whatever he is doing or saying works – his win/loss record speaks for itself.

I Am Indeed a Lucky Guy

January 20, 2009
Susan has stood by my side for nearly 34 years. Today we posed together at our cabin.

Getting Giddy

January 20, 2009
The Backwards Bush countown timer on my desktop shows why I am getting so giddy and having trouble getting to sleep tonight.


January 20, 2009
We went to Mountainstage last night where we were priviledged to see performances by Leo Kotke, The Duhks, The Refugees, and several other talented musicians. After arriving back home I decided to look up a few Mountainstage items while they were fresh on my mind. Vandy, one of my best friends, just could not understand why I was not spending my time entertaining her.

Life in the Slow Lane and Through a Dirty Windshield

January 16, 2009
A coworker and I were headed to WV cave country for some water quality monitoring when we came across a familiar scene – a truck wreck on Sandstone Mountain. However, the wrecks usually involve a truck that got rolling too fast on the long five mile downgrade. This truck caught on fire while headed up the mountain. I suspect the brakes overheated while coming down the long downgrade on the other side of the valley. As luck would have it, temperatures were cold and our windshield washer fluid was frozen. Thus, the dirty windshield.
Sucks to be that truck driver!

Spit on the floor please

January 2, 2009

At least there was no sign saying we can’t.

Reading Is Fun

January 2, 2009
Shhhh, quiet please! Etcetera appears to have read so much she fell asleep.

Taking Shape

January 1, 2009
Taking Shape
It has been a slow process, but my shop is slowly taking shape. Pegboard is installed down the length of both side walls and the front end is finished except for another set of shelves over the desk. The desk belonged to my father-in-law, as did the file cabinets. Still need to finish insulating the roof and put sheeting and shelves on the back end wall. Once that is complete I can get more ‘stuff’ put away and maximize my working space. I was also pleased that the 1948 Esquire pinup calendar days match the new year – 2009!