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The Thing-A-Ma-Jig is Under Here

November 23, 2008
I bought a propane space heater for the shop. While assembling it, Etcetera tried to help. She seemed to be saying that the Thing-a-ma-jig that goes on the whatcha-call-it is under here.


Hot Seat – Sit Here

November 23, 2008
Feel like you are on a hot seat right now? Sit on one of these. Winter arrived a bit earlier than usual this year.

Mom and Dad

November 12, 2008

I am just glad they set their beer cans down for their picture.

Safe Haven

November 11, 2008
After we returned home from the cabin today I headed outside to feed the birds. An old apple tree serves as the hanging post for our suet and corn cob feeders. When replenishing the suet I found these small mushrooms of about one-inch diameter each tucked away in a decayed crevace in the tree. They seemed to be safely hiding from everything but my camera.

Cold Morning at the Cabin

November 11, 2008
We woke up to a cold morning of 18 degrees at the cabin today. The cabin interior was quite toasty. Susan ventured out to the creek in our back yard and found thsi interesting pattern in the ice covering one of the pools.

Later, after it warmed up a bit, we took a walk in the creek that runs by the front of the cabin. The creek is dry right now because of the lack of rain this fall. I was searching for a place to get some gps coordinates in the creek when Susan snapped this picture.

Susan loves to look for fossils in the creek. They happen to be plentiful here and she found this interesting specimen, which includes a worm fossil. It is the first of one of those we have found.

Tree Hugger

November 11, 2008
I am a self-proclaimed tree hugger and this photo proves it.

Don’t Worry – Nap

November 11, 2008
While driving home from the cabin today Susan and I happened upon these sleeping pigs. The temperature had reached 18 degrees F this morning and it was not much above freezing when we took this picture. The sun was out and they seemed quite comfortable on their mud beds. I guess all is well as long as one ear points to the sky!


November 5, 2008
We Won!!!