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Thinking Through My Office Window

September 23, 2008

Today, while staring out my office window and pondering thoughtful comments regarding a paper I am reviewing for a scientific journal, I noticed the spooky arrangement that stares back at me every day. Disregard the dirty window – my office window is about 20 feet off of the ground and the janitor is afraid of heights so it has not been cleaned in some time. The spider web is a recent addition and grows daily. The deer skull (the one with antlers!) was found several years ago while I was tramping about the woods in Greenbrier County, WV looking for karst features. The antlers were entwined in a woven wire fence and the deer had rotted away long before my arrival. It must have been an agonizing death. The larger skull, on the left, with the dark brown teeth, belonged to a beaver. I found that one a few years ago in the bed of the Greenbrier River in West Virginia. That portion of the river flows across cavernous limestone and during that severly dry year the river disappeared underground for about a mile and a half. The skull lay among the rocks along the channel bottom. The smaller skull sitting on the beaver skull belonged to a very common species – the road kill groundhog.

Ok, back to work on the paper review.


Cool, Cool, Water

September 11, 2008
Ever since we put in our raised beds we have had a problem with keeping the crops watered whenever we were out of town. In the last few weeks I ran a buried 3/4″ copper line from the house down to the raised beds. Each of the four raised beds now has a hose spigot as shown here. There is also a tap ready for the potting sink we will be putting in next spring. I ran water in the line today and found no leaks – that was a relief. The drains worked well assuring us that the lines can be emptied for winter. Next spring we will add a watering timer to each spigot and soaker hoses or sprinklers will provide the produce with cool, cool, water.