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Where is that Weed?

August 17, 2008
Went shopping at the local building products store today and came out to find this bag of weed sitting next to our car. Boy, somebody is going to be mad!


Slug Feast

August 7, 2008
This mushroom has been providing fodder for a number of slugs. This slug was chowing down with a great deal of determination. Close examination reveals another slug almost entirely inside the base of the mushroom.


August 7, 2008

We happened upon this driftwood along the coast in Acadia National Park and found it eerily interesting.

In the Clouds

August 5, 2008
A recent visit to Acadia National Park put us in the clouds on Cadillac Mt. The wind made it quite difficult to stand.

Water Lilies

August 5, 2008
One of our favorite displays at Longwood Gardens is the Water Lilies. Some of the most colorful water Lilies are the night-bloomers. I took a picture of one night bloomer during the day and then again at night following the fountain show.

Dad and Me

August 5, 2008
Ok son, as multi-year horseshoe champion with your Uncle Bob at the annual family reunion, I am showing you some championship form. See, you throw the shoe like this.

Ok, Dad, I think I get it. How is this? Like father, like son? But guess what Dad – my legs are way lighter than yours! hahaha

Molted Cicada

August 2, 2008
Watched this cicada molt while visiting home in upstate, NY.


August 1, 2008

While in Maine we noticed a lobster boat working the green and pink buoys far below us. When the boat checked the lobster trap nearest us I started snapping pictures and the lobsterman suddenly held up part of his catch for us.
We decided to visit a local lobster pound and Deborah, Christopher, and I sampled the local favorite – Treah and Susan decided to abstain.
Deborah and Christopher dove right in.
And Deborah, being the trooper, dove in first and led the way.
But Treah seemed to be saying “Ewwww – This does not look like anything we call food back home!”

Seagull Hamming It Up

August 1, 2008
We made a trip to Bar Harbor, ME and Acadia National Park recently. While taking pictures on Otter Point this seagull landed within a few feet of Treah. After she snapped numerous pictures she could not resist the ‘thumbs-up’ gesture. We never figured out why the seagull came so close. Perhaps he thought Treah had a tasty morsel, or perhaps it was just a Ham.