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Celtic Dancers

July 31, 2008
While attending an outdoor Celtic music concert by Iona last week these young ladies broke out into inspired dance. Their interpretation of the music was interesting and the good time they were having was contagious. Oh, to be young again!


Squash Invasion

July 29, 2008
Without fail, whenever we go on vacation in the summer we come home to an invasion of monster squash. We had picked all of the squash from the plants before we left for 12 days of family reunion, Maine, and Longwood Gardens. These are the monsters that took over our yellow squash plant. Yellow squash casserole anyone?

Vandy Came for a Visit

July 13, 2008
Vandy came for a visit last weekend and brought along her pets, Treah and Justin. Upon arrival she immediately checked out the porch pots and took a liking to the silver plant.
She has good taste. I like that plant too.
After a nice weekend in which Vandy was kind enough to allow me to give her treats she seemed to be quite sure something pretty cool was going to happen when she was in the car to head back home. I often marvel how nice it would be to have Vandy’s life where there is not a care in the world – just the occassional kids and lightning – both of which are very scary. Outside of those scary moments life is just one exciting event after another – and the treats are always welcome and appreciated. Lucky dog!