Guess Who Has Been Coming For Dinner?

We have six bird feeders, 1 corncob feeder, and two birdbaths just outside the kitchen window. The birds and squirrels that congregate there have provided Susan and I many hours of entertainment while cooking, washing dishes, or just hanging out in the kitchen. Last year, while Susan was washing dishes, she saw a hawk dash in and take a mourning dove from a birdbath. It all happened too quickly to identify the hawk or take a picture. All that was left was an explosion of feathers. Today, the same happened to me while I was washing some vegetables. Later I went back to the kitchen to wash dishes and a hawk (I believe it was a Cooper’s Hawk, but might be a Sharp-Shinned Hawk) was sitting on the grape arbor just a few feet from the feeders. I guess it was waiting for dinner to come to it, but none did. I did manage to snap two photos before it took off. Within two minutes of it leaving our feeders were full of birds again. Our feeders have turned out to be quite the smorgasboard.


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