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Vegetable Lo Mein with Edamame and Mustard Greens

May 29, 2008
This recipe came to us courtesy of Cooking Light magazine. It is a colorful blend of vegetables, mushrooms, and egg noodles. Since our local Kroger seems to only carry redneck food (beer, hot dogs, and chips) we had to substitute regular egg noodles for Chinese egg noodles and dried mushrooms – forget it! We used fresh portabellos instead. The mustard greens were home grown -Yea! We also only had unshelled Edamame (soy beans). Shelled Edamane is definitely the way to go next time. Nevertheless, the recipe made a good and delicious meal.  


Who Stacked Those Pots

May 29, 2008
We found the idea for these pots in Gardengate magazine. It was fun to build and plant. We are anticipating a vegetative masterpiece by the end of the summer. 


May 16, 2008
Ever wonder what is left after a Cooper’s Hawk picks a dove for dinner? The picture shows the leftovers. 

Guess Who Has Been Coming For Dinner?

May 13, 2008
We have six bird feeders, 1 corncob feeder, and two birdbaths just outside the kitchen window. The birds and squirrels that congregate there have provided Susan and I many hours of entertainment while cooking, washing dishes, or just hanging out in the kitchen. Last year, while Susan was washing dishes, she saw a hawk dash in and take a mourning dove from a birdbath. It all happened too quickly to identify the hawk or take a picture. All that was left was an explosion of feathers. Today, the same happened to me while I was washing some vegetables. Later I went back to the kitchen to wash dishes and a hawk (I believe it was a Cooper’s Hawk, but might be a Sharp-Shinned Hawk) was sitting on the grape arbor just a few feet from the feeders. I guess it was waiting for dinner to come to it, but none did. I did manage to snap two photos before it took off. Within two minutes of it leaving our feeders were full of birds again. Our feeders have turned out to be quite the smorgasboard.

Anybody Want a Peanut?

May 11, 2008
You can’t have mine! 

Asleep On the Job

May 9, 2008
Longwood Gardens has a resident population of cats that work as rodent control. We had a chuckle when we saw this cat sleeping on the job at the annuals idea gardens.

Some New Scenes at Longwood

May 9, 2008

Susan and I love to visit Longwood Gardens in southeastern PA. We visited last week and enjoyed every minute we were there. Longwood has added three treehouses and a new section of the conservatory is open. These pictures show some of the new additions. 



Not Just Another Pretty Face

May 8, 2008
We saw this sheep at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival and both of us gasped at how pretty it was. Before we got our grips, both Susan and I started wondering if the sheep was for sale. Fortunately, the car’s trunk was already full of wool. Maybe next year. 

2008 MD Sheep and Wool Festival

May 5, 2008

This is our third year at the MD Sheep and Wool Festival and it still interests us both greatly. I get a special kick out of the sights and sounds. This year purple hair seemed to be in for elderly ladies as well as young. A few pictures with my short interpretation follow. The first picture is a closeup of Susan’s fleece purchase (from a Cormo sheep) this year. She got a nice one.

baaaa (not Susan’s fleece)

double baaaa


 Careful! My Ramhood is at stake here!

Ouch! I don’t bend that way!

Real men spin while wearing bunny ears

Removing the shawl from the loom during the Sheep to Shawl contest