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Spring Buds

March 31, 2008

It is past the equinox and the days are getting longer. However, I have a rule that one does not consider that spring has arrived until May 15th. That rule is hard to follow when plants start budding and the robins are back in town. The following three pictures show our lilac budding and the trout lily emerging from its sleep. We are quite excited that the forsythia is ready to explode into a mass of yellow. Yay for late winter!


The Mountaineers (will) Play Here

March 30, 2008

My latest woodworking project is a tv table that will be adorned with a flat-screen tv. The original plans come from Woodsmith (No. 169). I think it is turning out pretty nice. The main cabinet is made of red oak and red oak plywood and the base and table top are made of American Walnut. The top still needs a little bity of warp removed, sanded, edged, and trimmed. The shelves and lattice doors still need to be made. Then the whole thing will need to be sanded and finished. This fall it is going to be nice watching the Mountaineers beat up on the opposition (especially Pitt!) on our brand new flat screen sitting on top of this fine piece of furniture.


Spring is Springing

March 23, 2008

Planting kale, spring 2008

We welcomed the coming of spring by planting some kale in the raised beds. We planted Siberian Dwarf kale and it was christened with new snow during its first night. Seems to still be doing well though. We decided it was time to start planting the cold weather stuff (spinach and lettuce seed too) when we noticed the daffodils popping up in the new bed on the low side of the grape arbor. Now, if spring can just get some hair to sprout on my balding spot!

Daffodils at the grape arbor

Spinning Wheels

March 23, 2008
Susan was spinning some wool yesterday and Etcetera decided it looked like fun. She decided to help, even though spinning is usually a one-person job.

Susan & Etcetera spinning wool

Footwear Fetish

March 14, 2008
Etcetera has taken a liking to Susan’s shoes and slippers. We came home a few days ago and found she had moved three slippers onto the bed (she really likes the yellow fleece blanket too!). We moved the slippers off the bed and she quickly moved them back. Yesterday Susan could not find one of her sneakers and we searched all over the first floor. I finally headed upstairs and there was the slipper in the closet where Etcetra likes to sleep sometimes. That was a heavy haul up the steps. I’m waiting to see if she developes a liking for my boots. It could be fun watching her haul those around.

Shopping for Wood

March 1, 2008

Heard about this place, Hardwood Store of North Carolina, and had to make a trip to see it. Susan, Christopher and I left at 7:00 AM and made the 200 mile trip in a little more than 3 hours. The place was awesome. They had many species of hardwood in varieties of thicknesses. You get to peruse the warehouse yourself and pick out your own lumber. I picked up some 4/4 and 5/4 walnut boards for a tv stand I am building. Also picked up some really nice cherry for another project. Christopher picked up a variety of shorts for his projects. In the lower picture Christopher an I are pricing some 4×4 western redcedar boards.
We will be revisiting this place. Oh yeah – the employees were all helpful and friendly too.