Three Boyers in Boyer


The Boyers took a leaf tour in the West Virginia Highlands, but we were about a week ahead of the peak. It was a nice day nonetheless. We stopped for lunch in Boyer, WV. Interestingly, Boyer, WV is where my mother-in-law was born and raised on a farm. We Boyers have no other connection to the place (other than being one of my favorite places in the world) since we are French Canadian descent.

The picture below is a view along the Highland Scenic Highway. The leaves were a bit further along here. We even saw a few trees to cheer for. When our kids were young we took leaf tours and all four of us would cheer enthusiastically for the bright, colorful trees. Now we cheer together for the WVU Mountaineers. I think we need to get back to cheering for nature again. Mother Earth needs our help.



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