The Patient Patient

Busydingbat made her annual visit to the vet yesterday – poor vet. Busydingbat hates the vet and turns into the worst patient ever. In the examining room we had to remove the top from her carrying crate because there was no way she was coming out the door alive. Once I had her on the examining table we found she had lost 3 pounds since last year. After the weighing the vet assistant covered her with a towel and held her down while the vet did her exam and administered the inoculations. We then put her back into the crate, but she would not let go of the towel, so it went home with us too. Turns out the weight loss was significant and that, coupled with Busydingbats’ increased irritability and ravenous appetite, suggests that she might have hyperthyroidism. We get the results of the thyroid test today or tomorrow. If she does have hyperthyroidism then the medication can be done two ways – one way is a daily pill (I don’t think so!) and the other way is a cream administered gently to the inside of the ear (Bingo!).

Busydingbat calmed down pretty quick after arriving back home and even slept on my shoulder a couple of hours after arriving there. Now Mom, Dad, and Aunt Marion arrive for a few days’ visit tomorrow. That ought to be a dilemma for Busydingbat – so many people in need of shredding and so few claws.

Believe it or not, Busydingbat really loves Susan and I – just not in the presence of others.

Busydingbat also takes solace in the fact that she is home for another year and her cousin, Cassis, is getting ‘fixed’ today.


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