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Happy Halloween

October 30, 2007


Stupid Deer

October 29, 2007

We have spent the past couple of years fighting the deer from eating all the plants in our yard and gardens. We erected some barriers of pvc pipe and deer netting around our raised beds this year. They worked great all summer. Yesterday I took the barrier off of one end of the bed with peppers so I could pick them before the frost. I left that end off and leaning against one side of the bed with the intention of removing and storing all of the barriers this week. Today I found quite a mess – broken pvc pipe and deer netting wadded up and scattered. I can only surmise that one or more deer got tangled in it last night. Stupid Deer!

Vandy the Master Mechanic

October 29, 2007

Recently, while at Treah and Justin’s, I had to spend a little time cleaning the brush/roller on the vacuum cleaner. Vandy, the wonder dog, decided she would help and the picture above clearly shows she was listening intently as I described the procedure. She learns pretty quick and she jumped right in to lend a snout. A little help always goes a long way.

Three Boyers in Boyer

October 18, 2007


The Boyers took a leaf tour in the West Virginia Highlands, but we were about a week ahead of the peak. It was a nice day nonetheless. We stopped for lunch in Boyer, WV. Interestingly, Boyer, WV is where my mother-in-law was born and raised on a farm. We Boyers have no other connection to the place (other than being one of my favorite places in the world) since we are French Canadian descent.

The picture below is a view along the Highland Scenic Highway. The leaves were a bit further along here. We even saw a few trees to cheer for. When our kids were young we took leaf tours and all four of us would cheer enthusiastically for the bright, colorful trees. Now we cheer together for the WVU Mountaineers. I think we need to get back to cheering for nature again. Mother Earth needs our help.


The Patient Patient

October 9, 2007

Busydingbat made her annual visit to the vet yesterday – poor vet. Busydingbat hates the vet and turns into the worst patient ever. In the examining room we had to remove the top from her carrying crate because there was no way she was coming out the door alive. Once I had her on the examining table we found she had lost 3 pounds since last year. After the weighing the vet assistant covered her with a towel and held her down while the vet did her exam and administered the inoculations. We then put her back into the crate, but she would not let go of the towel, so it went home with us too. Turns out the weight loss was significant and that, coupled with Busydingbats’ increased irritability and ravenous appetite, suggests that she might have hyperthyroidism. We get the results of the thyroid test today or tomorrow. If she does have hyperthyroidism then the medication can be done two ways – one way is a daily pill (I don’t think so!) and the other way is a cream administered gently to the inside of the ear (Bingo!).

Busydingbat calmed down pretty quick after arriving back home and even slept on my shoulder a couple of hours after arriving there. Now Mom, Dad, and Aunt Marion arrive for a few days’ visit tomorrow. That ought to be a dilemma for Busydingbat – so many people in need of shredding and so few claws.

Believe it or not, Busydingbat really loves Susan and I – just not in the presence of others.

Busydingbat also takes solace in the fact that she is home for another year and her cousin, Cassis, is getting ‘fixed’ today.

Lil Roy

October 4, 2007

While traveling home the other day Susan and I managed to play road tag with an out-of-state rednecky-looking suv (the driver appeared to belong in that vehicle). The license plate said ‘Lil Roy’. We often try to figure out why some drivers have the vanity plates they have so we started discussing where Lil Roy came from. We thought of the obvious – name of the suv or the dog. Maybe the driver is named Roy, Jr. so he had the name Lil Roy to differentiate him from his father. Finally, we hit on the obvious – the guy’s wife or girl friend gave him the plate and ‘Lil Roy’ is her pet name for one of his body parts! We salute you Lil Roy.

Vanity plates are fun.