Have You Flipped a Rock Today

Today was International Rock Flipping Day and it was an interesting excercise for Susan and I. We have not had much rain this summer and we flipped several rocks in our yard and found nothing large enough to photograph. We finally flipped a limestone rock we call the elephant foot in the front yard and found an ant colony. There was a mass of eggs there and much activity ensued trying to move the eggs to safe places. We took our pictures and replaced the rocks. We are pretty sure we can still hear the ants cheeering our effort.


2 Responses to “Have You Flipped a Rock Today”

  1. Silvia Salix Says:

    Great photo! The first one I’ve seen with ants. It was a flippin fun day, wasn’t it?

  2. Christopher Says:

    Those are actually little caves, You’re just too big to see they are little cavers.

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