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Oops! Forgot the Driving Lesson

July 23, 2007

Our son, Christopher, and his wife, Deborah, were visiting this weekend. I pulled out the new zero-turn lawn mower so Christopher could try it out. Once he rode around a bit Susan hopped into the driver’s seat. One small problem – I neglected to tell her how to steer and stop the thing. After she did a couple of fast paced turns and nearly ran me down we got it stopped and the picture shows her running away from the thing. I am in the background laughing hysterically – I was still alive! Christopher kept his cool through the whole event and snapped the picture. Susan wants to try it out again, but has informed me that a driving lesson will proceed the event. You bet!


The Zoo

July 8, 2007

Susan and I work at an agricultural research laboratory and we maintain the location’s web site. Today, we went to one of the research farms to take a a series of photos to construct a 360 degree panorama of one of the sheep pastures. After taking one series of pictures at one exposure setting we changed the exposure for another series. In order to mark the spot between the two series I stepped into the view and clicked the shutter release. I appear to be saying “Come on y’all, I want to show you my sheep”. Actually I was just a dufus hamming in front of the camera.

From the sheep pasture we took a walk around the farm and came across some of the beef cattle. This particular guy thought that me scratching his forehead was just too cool. Susan asked if the cattle were all bulls. When I said yes she asked if they weren’t mean? I pointed out that they were castrated bulls and no guy is in any mood for fighting in that state. And they weren’t!

Working the Pole

July 2, 2007

Ok, this guy gave us a major laugh today. While Susan was taking pictures of this squirrel in the peanut feeder he got skittish and started down the pole with a peanut. Part way down he decided he needed a peanut fix and stopped with his hind feet wrapped onto the pole. However, he kept sliding down, working the peanut at the same time. Being a peanut butter addict myself, I understand the dilemma this little guy was in.