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A New Clothesline

June 29, 2007

It has been several years since we had a clothesline, but lately we have found ourselves wishing we had one. I made the trellis pictured – found the plans online for an Oriental arbor. I just built one end of the arbor and strung the clothesline to the carport. It should look a lot different next year when the clamatis we ordered for fall delivery is in full bloom.


Porch Pots Are Looking Good

June 27, 2007

The porch pots seem to be doing better than usual this year. The porch is also getting some nice character compliments of the Virginia Creeper that is finally winding its way up the pole. The porch surface will soon be replaced with composite decking. The new decking should be more maintenance free giving us more time to spend with our gardening.

Sometimes ‘not mowing’ has its merits

June 24, 2007

Our next door neighbor is an elderly lady who depends on her son to mow her three acres. This year, for some reason, he decided to skip the part of her yard we call the field. It has turned into a meadow and is very pleasing to look at. The gate in the foreground is the fence opening from our property to ‘the meadow.’


Hey, That’s My Dinner

June 23, 2007

Busydingbat’s arch enemy, Barney, is visiting for a couple of days and for some reason Busydingbat has been braver than usual. She has been coming out of hiding and challenging Barney. This evening Barney did not get to his dinner right away so Busydingbat helped herself. Boy, was he pissed! After Busydingbat had her fill and slowly walked away, Barney rushed over to his food and scarfed it down lest she go after more. I swear if Barney had a cartoony balloon over his head it would always be saying “I Hate That Cat.”


Peeping Toms

June 23, 2007

We enjoy watching and photographing the birds and squirrels outside our kitchen window. Today we had a squirrel that seemed to be more interested in us than usual. In this first picture he appears to be saying

“Is anybody home?”


and in this second photo he seems to be yelling



Lost in a City That ‘Blows’

June 13, 2007

First thing I did in the big city of Quebec was get disoriented. Fortunately, I had Treah with me to point the map in the right direction and get us back on track. Last night the wind was blowing really strong off of the St. Lawrence River. Susan has her eyes shut to keep her ‘eyes’ from blowing away. This city is great and keeps producing surprises, even if it is trying to blow us away.



Look Out World – I’m a Mowing Fool Now

June 7, 2007

We just bought this zero turn radius mower. It took some getting used to on the steering. I looked like a drunk on the first few passes across the yard. Once I got the hang of it I was flying around the yard in a fairly straight line. The only thing wrong in this picture is that there is no Yuengling in the cup holder. That won’t happen again. My last lawn tractor did not have a cup holder. I am not sure how I ever tolerated such a deficiency.

A Bird in a Bush

June 7, 2007

We have a really old cherry tree in the back yard. This bird found a hole in the bottom of a lower limb of that tree and built a nest there. We cannot see the nest, but every time the bird enters with a tasty morsel (about once every two minutes) the tree limb sounds like it is singing. When I am sitting on the back deck I can hear the little tykes ‘singing’. The back deck and tree limb are about 75 feet apart. Another amazing thing is the hole is not much bigger than the bird and she has to fly to it from below. How does she hit that hole without whacking her noggin now and then? Another one of life’s mysteries. Did these birds evolve to fly with such agility or is it just an intelligently designed bird? Yeah, right!