The Assassin

Yesterday was a busy day for Busydingbat. Apparently, she had discovered the existence of a mouse in the mudroom. That meant she had to keep sentry on the room all day with occassional forays into the room’s nooks and crannies. There was no sleep all day. About 10:30 last night I was working on the computer when I heard a noise coming from the room. Right away, Busydingbat came running out of the room and deposited her prize at my feet. She looked up at me with a proud expression – do cats do that? Her mission was accomplished and she went to the back of the sofa where she slept all night and all day today – she did not move all day! About 6:30 this evening I got on the sofa to watch some tv. She awoke, climbed down on my leg, and fell asleep as shown. We are not sure that all the mice are gone so we hope she wakes up soon so she can get back to her sentry post.



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