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Family Pets

January 18, 2007

We have Busydingbat as our pet (or are we her pets?). It is quite interesting what others in the family decide they must have as family pets. I could not figure out why my sister had to have two pygmy goats. After hanging around these guys for a bit I discovered they actually had some character and it was easy to get attached. They were constantly on the move and seemed to have a need to climb up on things. It was a real treat to watch them follow Cheryl around the yard like a couple of puppies would do. My brother Eric decided on horses. He built a topnotch barn for them and he now has three and boards two others. This horse had a particular liking for horse “cookies”. Eric would ask the horse if she wanted a cookie and she would shake her head up and down as if saying yes until he held one out to her. We could tell that he and the horses were quite attached. Lucky goats and horses – they found some good owners.




Holding On

January 15, 2007

After a year, the squirrels have finally discovered our peanut feeder. The feeder is just outside the kitchen window. We get a kick out of watching them hang upside down while grabbing peanuts. Note the feet doing their job. Given my love of peanut butter I relate to these little guys and their love of peanuts. I would hang upside down in a giant jar of peanut butter just to eat some. Yummm!


Wild Girls

January 15, 2007

While driving home yesterday we encountered the pictured vehicle along the interstate. Not sure where these wild girls were headed. Since they apparently are wild were they caged up in the vehicle? Oh well, the answer was not important since I had my own wild woman sitting next to me and operating the camera!


My Brother Gene

January 4, 2007

December 19, 1963 – January 4, 2007 


Hopefully, Gene has now found the peace he was searching.