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Another GeoCache Found

December 22, 2006


Treah and I occasionally head out in search of geocaches. On this particularly beautiful Sunday afternoon in December we headed into the local county park. The walk was along a beautiful trail that went along some sandstone overhangs and passed a nice looking sandstone cave. The cache was located rather easily following about a half mile of hiking.


Treah is checking out the contents. We did not take anything from or leave anything in the cache. We did log our visit in the log book.



Ho Ho Ho! There Will Be NO Present Wrapping

December 22, 2006


While trying to wrap Christmas presents, Busydingbat had other ideas. Getting this sizable package wrapped proved to be quite a project. The person slated to receive this gift just might be receiving a gift-wrapped cat too.

Busydingbat is not sure she agrees with the quote found on a vehicle and shown below.


Britney’s Crotch (Nice Crack?)

December 22, 2006

With all this internet banter about Britney’s crotch and clogging of bandwidth with searches for  the same, I decided to go outside in search of this mysterious (but apparently interesting) object. I never found ‘it’, but Susan did manage to find a ‘crack’ in her father’s backyard garden. I submit to the world this ‘crack’. Since it is here for all to see there is no need for internet searches. This is my contribution to saving the world’s bandwidth.