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Snail’s Pace

November 22, 2006

We made another visit to one of our favorite places in this world – Longwood Gardens. It was a cool, autumn morning when we came across this snail. It did not seem the least bit bothered by our photographic attention imposed upon it with our new slr digital camera. It seems that this guy figured there were a lot of new leaves available for munching and he needed to get to it.

Longwood Garden Snail


Thank You Senator Byrd

November 5, 2006


Senator Byrd happens to be one of our favorite politicians ever. It would be difficult to find another politician that has done so much for his state. His campaign sign is the only one we have ever placed in our yard. Busydingbat does not seem too impressed though judging from her ‘face-in-the-chair’ sleep mode.


I Double Dare You to Use That New Digital Camera

November 5, 2006

We just invested in a new digital camera. Busydingbat does not seem to be very happy about the purchase and decided to sit on the camera bag and look mean. She was definitely double daring us to use the camera. We took the hint and amused ourselves by taking her picture with the old camera.