That’s All We have to Say About That


This is the place where Forest Gump was filmed. It was the scene near the beginning and end of the movie when Forest was sitting on a bench waiting for a bus to Jennie’s house. The tour/bus driver assured us that there was never a bench located here, except for the movie, and that was all he wanted to hear about that. I stood where Forest Gump sat. The picture below was from a park at the south end of old town Savannah. This was a popular spot and it tried my patience waiting to get a ‘people-free’ picture. We made two trips to the site today just to get the ‘people-free’ picture.




One Response to “That’s All We have to Say About That”

  1. Treah Says:

    Daddy and I watched Forest Gump back with the Shady Band went to Disney world. We did not get to go so we watched Forest Gump and had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

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