The Lady and Sons (and Men)


Susan and I went to Paula Deen’s Cooking school today. Not a whole lot of cooking, but Paula provides a good time nonetheless. She has led quite a life and her ‘life is fun’ attitude was refreshing. She seemed to truly like meeting each and every person in the class (there were about 70 of us). She took the time to have her picture taken with each of us. I was amazed at how she could sign books and other items while looking at the camera or into one’s eyes as she talked or listened. We wished we could have bought the dishes on the shelf behind Doug in the picture with Paula. Treah would have loved those dishes. Susan had her picture taken with Paula’s sons, Jamie and Bobby and then with Paula’s brother Bubba and husband Michael. Check out the tree behind Bubba and Michael – it is a gem. Bubba is the proprietor of the restaurant where the school was held (Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House). We ate dinner at the same restaurant and hope to eat dinner tomorrow at Paula’s (and son’s) restaurant in downtown Savannah (The Lady and Sons).




2 Responses to “The Lady and Sons (and Men)”

  1. Deborah Says:

    I’m jealous! I love Paula!!

  2. Treah Says:

    Me too!!! and I do LOVE the plates!!!

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