Our Grandbaby

Spent a few days babysitting our grandbaby, Vandy, while the kids headed to points north. Vandy doesn't know it, but she is the arch enemy of Busydingbat. Vandy tends to spend a little time expending a great deal of energy

Vandy playing frisbee

then she winds up winded and tired

Vandy a bit winded

and then sleeps through World Cup soccer. You have to love a dog's life!

Vandy sleeping through World Cup soccer


One Response to “Our Grandbaby”

  1. Treah Says:

    HAHAHA she is cute

  2. Justin’s Blog » Blog Archive » Summer Vacation 2006 Says:

    […] Treah and I have spent the last week on our “Summer Vacation.” Treah finished up her 3rd year of med school and only has 2 weeks off before her 4th year starts. We thought that we’d travel and go see some family we don’t get to see very often. Treah’s parents came up on Friday, June 16th. This was her birthday. They stayed through Wednesday to do some work on the house and to dog sit for us. When they left Wednesday they dropped her off at the kennel for us. […]

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