Mothman’s Land

We went to Point Pleasant, WV this weekend. Point Pleasant is at the confluence of the Kanawaha and Ohio Rivers and was the site of the first battle of the American Revolution, six months before the 'shot heard around the world.' Point Pleasant is also the home of Mothman. The statue shown here is an exact rendition of the beast.

Mothman Statue

The Mothman statue was across the street from our hotel, the Lowe Hotel. They say the hotel is haunted. I woke up a couple of times during the night and looked for ghost(s), but remain disappointed. The hotel was an old, old building that was renovated in the early 1990's. The room keys were old skeleton keys that had to be used to get in and out of the room. It was an interesting place with a strange conglomeration of old, and old-looking furnishings. The proprietor was an interesting older fellow who generally liked talking about the area.

Lowe Hotel

Lowe Hotel hallway

We were in Point Pleasant for the annual meeting of the WV Association of Professional Soil Scientists. Before the meeting we looked for a geocache in the place where Mothman was supposedly first sited. The cache location was in an old cement skeleton of a building. It was all grown in with trees and bushes and was definitely spooky. The cache included a moth swatter and a can of moth spray in case we had to spray our way out. Thankfully we did not need the spray.


Mothman Returns Geocache


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