Longwood Gardens Mystery Solved

Tulips & Pitchforks

We have made several trips to Longwood Gardens in the past few years. We love the place and wish it was close enough to us to warrant season tickets. The gardens are constantly changing, but we rarely see many individuals working them. Today we think we discovered that the gardens change themselves. Witness the above picture. Those forks were in the ground and about half of the tulips in this bed were piled in the back of a Cushman. No human workers were in sight, so we can only assume the obvious. As usual, the gardens were as beautiful today as we have always found them.

We were also quite impressed with the new, renovated East Wing of the Conservatory. Longwood gardens has agains done a splendid job. We are looking forward to seeing the new children's section of the east Wing after its completion next year. We are excited that we should be able to visit again in November. Thanks, Longwood Gardens! You have again made our visit special.

New Conservatory East Wing


One Response to “Longwood Gardens Mystery Solved”

  1. Treah Says:

    I LOVE the new conservatory!

  2. rider Says:

    thank you for your work

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