The Indignity


Busy Dingbat had a rather traumatic day. The day started out fine. The pet caddy was brought downstairs and the door left open. That made a pretty neat hiding place! Once an hour and half had passed it was time to head for the veterinarian so Busy Dingbat headed for her new hiding place instead. Surely, we would never find her there. We shut the crate door and headed for the car. The short drive was uneventful. We then sat in the waiting room with other critters. A significant amount of growling surely kept critters and kids away. Busy was then summoned to the examination room where she was not coming out of the crate. We disassembled the crate and got her onto the exam table. That loose skin on the back of the neck sure is handy. Growling uncontrollably did not seem to be working on the vet so in payment for two needles a claw was left in the hand of the vet. Back into the crate, home, and restoration of dignity. Unfortunately, restoring dignity is hard when the innoculations make you sleep for hours on end – even on the computer desk! Safe for another year.


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