How Much Car Could a Woodpecker Peck?


While taking pics of the robin in her nest a pileated woodpecker flew onto the bole of the cherry tree just a few feet away. While trying to maneuver for a pic it took off to the neighbors and pecked a bit on a short pine tree stump. Got a couple of mediocre pics of it there before it took off for the front of the house. We headed around the house and there it was pecking at the chestnut rail fence along the road. Just as we were snapping the best pic yet a car appeared in the viewfinder. Some pictures just are not meant to be!

Now, this guy was one big woodpecker. He was the size of a crow and he had one impressive pecker. No, not that! Its bill, which is used to demolish any piece of wood standing between it and its creepy crawly morsel. Hope this guy makes another appearance. He was one impressive critter.


2 Responses to “How Much Car Could a Woodpecker Peck?”

  1. Mr Angry Says:

    hehehehe, you’ve been waiting quite a while to make that “impressive pecker” joke, haven’t you? 😉

  2. busydingbat Says:

    you bet

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